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Name: Rachid Deriche
Base: Inria Sophia-Antipolis-Mediterranee 2004, Route des Lucioles - BP 93 06902 Sophia-Antipolis Cedex, France
Expertise: Computational Imaging
Positions: Professor of Computational Imaging of the Central Nervous System, France.
o Member of INRIA Sophia Antipolis.
o Member of the INRIA Evaluation Committee.
o Vice-Director of the STIC Doctoral School.
o Created the Deriche edge detector in 1987.
o Winner of the EADS Grand Prize (Computer Science), 15th October 2013.
EADS Grand Prize is awarded by the French Academy of Sciences for all his achievements.
This award recognizes both the scientific excellence of his contributions and his constant collaboration with cutting edge industrial partners.
Research & Academic output
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Pub DatePub TypePub Title
2011    Journal Improved computer-aided detection of small polyps in CT colonography using interpolation for curvature estimation., Liu J, Kabadi S, Van Uitert R, Petrick N, Deriche R, Summers RM., Medical Physics. Vol. 38, Issue 7, pp 4276-4284, Jul. 2011
2012    Journal Diffusion MRI signal reconstruction with continuity constraint and optimal regularization., Caruyer E, Deriche R., Medical Image Analysis, Vol. 16, Issue 6, pp 1113-1120, Aug. 2012
1987    Journal Using Canny's criteria to derive a recursively implemented optimal edge detector, Rachid Deriche, International Journal of Computer Vision, Vol. 1, Issue 2, pp 167-187, 1987
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