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Name: Kamal Youcef-Toumi
Base: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139-4307, USA
Expertise: Mechanical Engineering
Positions: Currently: Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MIT, USA
o Authored and/or contributed to over 20 patents.
o Created the fastest robot in the world
o Senior scientific consultant to major petrolium companies in the world and NASA.
Research & Academic output
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Pub DatePub TypePub Title
2009    Journal Large-area and high-resolution distortion measurement based on Moire fringe method for hot embossing process., Xu Z, Taylor HK, Boning DS, Yoon SF, Youcef-Toumi K., Optics Express., 17(21):18394-18407, Oct 12, 2009
2009    Journal Alqabandi JA, Abdel-Motal UM, Youcef-Toumi K., Extracting cancer cell line electrochemical parameters at the single cell level using a microfabricated device., Biotechnology Journal., 4(2):216-223, Feb, 2009
2009    Journal White-light scanning interferometer for absolute nano-scale gap thickness measurement., Xu Z, Shilpiekandula V, Youcef-toumi K, Yoon SF., Optics Express., 17(17):15104-15117, Aug 17, 2009
2005    Patent SPECTROSCOPIC SYSTEM AND METHODS, Saptari Vidi A., Youcef-Toumi Kamal, Pub. No.: WO/2005/005940, International Application No.: PCT/US2004/014253, 20 Jan 2005
2009    Journal Use of self-actuating and self-sensing cantilevers for imaging biological samples in fluid., Fantner GE, Schumann W, Barbero RJ, Deutschinger A, Todorov V, Gray DS, Belcher AM, Rangelow IW, Youcef-Toumi K., Nanotechnology., 20(43):434003, Oct 28, 2009
2011    Journal Compensator design for improved counterbalancing in high speed atomic force microscopy., Bozchalooi IS, Youcef-Toumi K, Burns DJ, Fantner GE., The Review of Scientific Instruments., 82(11):113712, Nov 2011
2013    Journal High-Bandwidth AFM-Based Rheology Reveals that Cartilage is Most Sensitive to High Loading Rates at Early Stages of Impairment., Nia HT, Bozchalooi IS, Li Y, Han L, Hung HH, Frank E, Youcef-Toumi K, Ortiz C, Grodzinsky A., Biophysical Journal, 104(7), pages: 1529-15372013, Apr 2, 2013
2011    Journal Indirect identification and compensation of lateral scanner resonances in atomic force microscopes., Burns DJ, Youcef-Toumi K, Fantner GE., Nanotechnology., 22(31):315701, Aug 5, 2011
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