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Name: Halima Benbouza
Base: Centre de Recherche en Biotechnologie Ali Mendjli Nouvelle Ville UV 03 BP E73, Constantine, Algerie
Expertise: Life Sciences & Biotechnology
Positions: Professor of Vegetal Biotechnology.
o Awarded the Special Prize Eric Daugimont et Dominique Van der Rest by the University Agro BioTech Gembloux, Belgium, 2009.
o President of the Intersectoral Commission of Health and Life Science, 2011 (appointed by the government).
o Member of the Algerian National Council for Research Evaluation.
o Member of the Sectorial Permanent Board of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
o President of the steering committee of the Biotech Pharma Project in Algeria, 2013 (appointed by the Prime Minister).
o Director of the National Centre for Biotechnology Research, Constantine, Algeria.
Research & Academic output
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Pub DatePub TypePub Title
   Journal Assessment of genetic diversity among Algerian olive (Olea europaea L.) cultivars using SSR marker., S. Abdessemed, I. Muzzalupob, H. Benbouza, Scientia Horticulturae, Vol. 192, pp 10-20, 2015
   Journal Amelioration de la methode d'extraction d'ADN au CTAB appliquee aux feuilles de cotonnier, Halima Benbouza, Jean-Pierre Baudoin et Guy Mergeai, Biotechnol. Agron. Soc. Environ., Vol. 10, No. 2, pp 73-76, 2006
   Journal Optimization of a reliable, fast, cheap and sensitive silver staining method to detect SSR markers in polyacrylamide gels, Benbouza H., Jacquemin JM., Baudoin JP., Mergeai G., Biotechnol. Agron. Soc. Environ., Vol. 10, No. 2, pp 77-81, 2006
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