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Name: Hafid Aourag
Base: Unite de Recherche Materiaux et Energies Renouvelables, Laboratoire d'Etude et Prediction de Materiaux, Unviversite Abou Bakr Belkaid, Tlemcen, Algerie
Expertise: Metals and Alloys (Metaux et Alliages)
Positions: Professor, Director General of Scientific Research and Technological Development (DGRS&DT)
Research & Academic output
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2006    Journal Crystalline, Electronic and Magnetic Structures of -Fe3C, -Fe5C2 and -Fe2C from first principle calculation, H. I. Faraoun, Y. D. Zang, C. Esling and H. Aourag, Journal of Applied Physics - JAP, 99, 1 April 2006
2003    Journal Full potential calculation of structural, electronic and optical properties of CdSiP2 and CdGeP2, F. CHIKER, B. ABBAR, A. TADJER, H. AOURAG, B. KHELIFA, Materials science & engineering. B, Solid-state materials for advanced technology, vol. 98, no2, pp. 81-88, 2003
2007    Journal Atomistic study of structural, elastic, electronic and thermal properties of perovskites Ba(Ti,Zr,Nb)O3, N. Iles, A. Kellou, K. Driss Khodja, B. Amrani, F. Lemoigno, D. Bourbie and H. Aourag, Computational Materials Science, Volume 39, Issue 4, Pages 896-902, June 2007
2005    Journal State of the Art Simulations in Electronic Structure and Total Energy for the High Temperature Superconductor YBa2Cu3O7., K. Larbaoui, A. Tadjer, B. Abbar, H. Aourag, B. Khelifa, C. Mathieu, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 403, no1-2, pp. 1-14, 2005
2005    Journal Full-potential investigation of the electronic and optical properties of stressed CdTe and ZnTe, A.E. Merad, M.B. Kanoun, G. Merada, J. Cibert and H. Aourag, Materials Chemistry and Physics, Volume 92, Issues 2-3, Pages 333-339, 15 August 2005
2006    Journal Improvement of Thermally Sprayed Abradable Coating by Microstructure Control, H.I. Faraoun, T. Grosdidier, JL. Seichepine, D. Goran, H. Aourag, C. Coddet, J. Zwick and N. Hopkins, Surface Coating and Technology, April 2006
2006    Journal Electronic structure and optical properties of (ZnSe)n/(Si2)m (111) superlattices, A. Laref, S. Laref, B. Belgoumene, B. Bouhafs, A. Tadjer, and H. Aourag, Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 99, Issue 4, pp. 043702-043702-7, 02, 2006
2008    Journal Simulation of thermal properties of Ba1-xZrO3 compounds for thermal barrier coating applications, R. Terki, G. Bertrand, H. Aourag and C. Coddet, Computational Materials Science, Volume 42, Issue 3, Pages 416-420, May 2008
2003    Journal Photonic band gaps in highly ionic medium: CuCl, CuBr, CuI, R. Moussa, L. Salomon, F. de-Fornel, J.P. Dufour, H. Aourag, Infrared Physics and Technology, Volume 44, Number 1, pp. 27-34(8), February 2003
2006    Journal Modeling Route for Abradable Coatings, H.I. Faraoun, J-L. Seichepine, C. Coddet, H. Aourag, J. Zwick, N. Hopkins, D. Sporer and M. Hertter, Surface Coating and Technology 200, pp:6578-6582, 2006
2005    Journal Paramagnetic Susceptibility Of Ferrite And Cementite Obtained From Ab Initio Calculations, Y. Zhang; H. Faraoun; C. Esling and H. Aourag. Journal of Magnetism & Magnetic Materials - JMMM. Volume 299, Issue 1, Pages 64-69, April 2005
2005    Journal Electronic structure and interfacial properties of ZnSe/Si, ZnSe/Ge, and ZnSe/SiGe superlattices, A. Laref, B. Belgoumene, H. Aourag, M. Maachou and A. Tadjer, Superlattices and Microstructures, Volume 37, Issue 2, Pages 127-137, February 2005
2006    Journal Two-body potential of the Buckingham type for copper halides, B. Mouffok, H. Feraoun, H. Aourag, physica status solidi (b), Volume 243, Issue 6, Pages: 1182-1192, May 2006
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